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Liberals and sharia: ‘Who let Jaws into the swimming pool?’ [VIDEO]

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In the conclusion of his exclusive interview with The Daily Caller, Dispatch International editor Lars Hedegaard, who narrowly escaped an assassin’s bullet in his Copenhagen home, criticizes liberty lovers who seek to strike a balance between tolerance of immigrant customs and the rule of law.

The 70-year-old Hedegaard, who heads Denmark’s Free Press Society, told TheDC’s Ginni Thomas: “Islam is what it is. It is a body of laws called the Sharia, it has been unchanged for at least 1,100 years….we know what sort of animal we are facing. It would not be a problem if we had leaders who were willing to face up to this and say ‘Well, alright, this is the way these people want to live, this is their law and this is their ideology. We don’t want too much of that in to our countries because we don’t like it, its a danger.’ It’s like, you know what Jaws is up to, he is eating the kids in the swimming pool, well who let Jaws into the swimming pool? That’s the problem.”

He continued “I’m not for all of these foreign wars because I think they are ineffectual. Like going into Iraq going into Afghanistan. I dont think it works. Nor will it work to go into Syria”

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