Alleged McConnell eavesdropper has prior trespass arrest

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One of the two Progress Kentucky co-founders involved in the alleged illegal wiretapping of Senator Mitch McConnell was charged in November of last year for illegally trespassing.

Activist Curtis Morrison was charged with third degree criminal trespassing on November 25th in Jefferson County, Ky., and the bail was set at $50.00. His pretrial conference is set for May 13, 2013.

Morrison has long been involved in Kentucky left-wing politics. He was a part of the Occupy Louisville movement from the beginning and ran for the Kentucky State Senate in District 35.

Morrison, who is openly gay, has also been involved in gay political causes as well. He campaigned against California’s Proposition 8.

Progress Kentucky has also come under fire for racist tweets against Mitch McConnell’s wife, Elaine Chao, Bush’s former labor secretary, suggesting that she supports outsourcing jobs to China because she is Taiwanese-American.

Morrison resented the media’s coverage. “There’s a little bit of Shirley Sherrod in there,” Morrison said, referring to the black Agricultural employee who was fired over controversial edited videos that are the center of an ongoing lawsuit. “I think the media backlash has been a little extreme, in my opinion.”

In 2005, Morrison was arrested for driving with no insurance. The case was eventually dismissed.

“I am not doing interviews at this time and have no plans to do so in the near future,” a post yesterday at Morrison’s website said.

Morrison did not return phone calls or emails requesting that he speak.

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