Carolla, Pinsky question Obama’s golf habit, criticize the media’s left bias

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Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew Pinsky have a question: How does President Barack Obama have the time to play so much golf?

“I don’t understand how the president plays 130 rounds of golf during the presidency,” Carolla said Friday on his and Pinksy’s podcast. “I mean, it’s weird because you think 130 holes is a lot of holes. This is rounds. That’s 18 times 130.”

“You think if it was George Bush doing that, we would hear about it every day?” Pinsky replied.

“I do, but there’s a version of that,” Carolla answered. “Look, all presidents seem to take a lot of vacation time. I don’t get it. And I’m not trying to break this into partisan Republican or Democrat partisan politics here. What I’m saying is is we need your attention for this four years or this eight years.”

Carolla compared the presidency to a tour of duty in the military and suggested that, at least from a public relations standpoint, the commander-in-chief should treat his term in office that way.

“[W]hen you’re telling everyone to tighten their belts and you’re telling everyone to pitch in and you’re telling everyone to pay your fair share, my thing is if I was the president and they said, ‘Hey we got the jets fueled up and we’re ready to go down to Pebble Beach,’ I would say, ‘I would fucking love to — I would love to, like I would love to just like I would love to bang other fucking chicks like the Kennedys and stuff, but I just gave a fucking speech at a factory that was closing, telling everyone it was time to tighten their belts … and it’s going to look like shit.’”

“There’s obviously a media bias and they will pick and choose who gets a pass and who doesn’t get a pass,” he added. “And it obviously leans toward the left quite heavily and people who disagree with that … are insane and I know it very well.”

As an example, Carolla pointed out how people suggest his association with Fox News Channel’s Bill O’Reilly is some sort of scarlet letter while his friendship with left-leaning Alec Baldwin goes uncommented upon and would probably be seen as a badge of honor.

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