White House website touts gun-curbs amid terror attacks

Neil Munro White House Correspondent
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Visitors to the White House website this afternoon were greeted with a full-page pop-up ad declaring, “Now is the time to do something about gun violence.”

The ad, dubbed an “interstitial,” blocks any view of the White House’s website until the visitor clicks to close the pop-up.

Once the visitor clicks through, the White House’s webpage continues to push the anti-gun rights message with an identical banner ad.

Both ads contained the same subhead: “Let’s make our call for action so loud it’s impossible to ignore.”

The ads are likely to catch many eyeballs at 6:10, when President Barack Obama will make a short statement about today’s two bombs strikes at the Boston marathon.

The ads are presumably intended to rally public support for Obama’s effort to impose new curbs on gun ownership, following the Dec. 14 murder of 20 kids and six adults by a deranged gunman.