Zuckerberg: Staying glued to phone, Facebook app won’t ruin your personal life

Nicole Lafond Contributor
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Advertisements for the recently released “Facebook Home” app depict users ignoring loved ones and focusing entirely on their personal digital world, but tech titan and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg says that scenario isn’t likely to play out in real life.

The “Facebook Home” app, which launched on April 4, allows users to check their Facebook newsfeeds on their phones’ home screens, Yahoo Finance reported.

“I think that’s overblown,” Zuckerberg said at a recent Facebook event, responding to a question about concerns that always-on connectivity undercuts personal interaction. “There’s this idea: Technology is a tool. Glasses augment your vision, your reality. Steve Jobs said that computers augment your mind. With Facebook and other tools, you can stay connected and get more context from more people.”

“People often think of staying connected as frivolous. It’s not. It’s powerful,” he said.


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