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That illegally recorded audio of Mitch McConnell really worked out well for David Corn

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It’ll be lost in the shuffle after everything else that’s happened this week — is it really only Thursday? — but it’s still instructive to observe David Corn, Mother Jones, and the Progress Kentucky PAC as they deal with the fallout from their big-time Mitch McConnell scoop last week. You know, the blockbuster story about the illegally recorded audio of a completely ordinary campaign meeting.


Mitch McConnell continues to seize on the bungled taping of his Louisville campaign headquarters.

The Senate Minority Leader will go on the air Thursday with a new commercial that links last week’s brouhaha to the Democratic president’s desire to oust him.

And despite the Democrats’ best efforts to distance themselves from the geniuses at Progress Kentucky (while still insisting that McConnell’s run-of-the-mill oppo research is an outrage), those pesky facts keep messing up the narrative. Politico again:

One of the men accused of secretly recording Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell visited the White House last December, according to visitor logs.

On Dec. 5, Shawn Reilly, executive director of the liberal super PAC Progress Kentucky, visited the White House along with other Kentuckians…

National Democrats have repeatedly insisted that Reilly and Progress Kentucky were amateur activists who have no relationship to the national party. Republicans have countered by pointing to Reilly’s long history of involvement in liberal causes — and his meeting with administration officials shortly before Progress Kentucky began targeting McConnell.

Their White House meeting, according to Reilly’s Twitter feed, focused on the fiscal cliff.

Yes, what a complete outsider.

Meanwhile, David Corn has been reduced to citing… well, just look:

Strangest bedfellows ever?

Keep up the good work, you guys. McConnell’s toast, he just doesn’t know it yet.

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