Dude catching home run balls like he’s getting paid

Stuart Dezenhall Contributor
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Zack Hample is the luckiest baseball fan ever. Last night he caught two home run balls in the Diamondbacks-Yankees game as part of some sort of historic one-man ball-catching bonanza.

This home run hog claims part luck, part strategy in snagging an estimated 6,000-plus baseballs at games since the 1990’s.

“It’s a little bit of luck, obviously. I move all over the place constantly,” he said.

He wrote a book in 1999 called “How to Snag Major League Baseballs” and claims to have come away from 880 straight games with a ball, though not all via a home run.

“I really just go by instinct,” said this guy that seems to have some sort of innate gift that I’m totally jealous of.

Kind of have no choice but to semi hate this guy as a sports fan that never catches a break with a foul ball or home run ball.

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