IRONY: Car jacked by Muslim terrorist suspects had ‘COEXIST’ bumper sticker

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A vehicle that was carjacked early Friday morning by the suspects of Monday’s terrorist bombing of the Boston Marathon has the “COEXIST” sticker affixed to its bumper.

The bumper sticker, which spells out “COEXIST” using the Islamic moon, a peace symbol, a gender symbol, the Star of David, a pagan symbol, a ying-yang and a cross, is put out by the Coexist Foundation — “a non-profit organization creating understanding across divides.”

The COEXIST sticker.

The two suspected brothers, Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, are devout Muslims whose mass-murder spree could be motivated by Islamic extremism. Early Friday morning, they hijacked the car at gunpoint after murdering a Massachusetts Institute of Technology police officer. They then led police on a chase where they reportedly lobbed bombs from the car’s windows. (RELATED:

On Monday, they exploded two bombs at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, killing three and wounding 180.

Tamerlan was killed during a shootout with police early Friday morning. Dzhokhar is still on the lam. Police are investigating if there are further suspects.

An image of the car captured by WHDH-TV 7 News in Boston.

An image of the car captured by WHDH-TV 7 News in Boston.

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