Matt Lewis

McConnell’s likely Democratic foe refuses to condemn bugging [VIDEO]

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor

Last week, I wrote about how alleged McConnell bugger (and Progress Kentuckly co-founder) Shawn Reilly was actually quite well connected to the national and state Democratic Party.

And I noted his connection with Alison Lundergan Grimes — the candidate Democrats are hoping will face Sen. Mitch McConnell in the general election.

Interestingly, Lundergan Grimes is one of the few prominent Kentucky Democrats who has refused to condemn the secret recording of a McConnell campaign strategy meeting. Today, she was asked directly about it, and once again, refused to distance herself from the group’s alleged activities.

Here’s the video:

As the reporter noted, “both the governor and lieutenant governor have denounced that.” In fact, that’s an understatement. Gov. Steve Beshear specifically said of the recording: “I think it’s deplorable…” And not only did the governor and lieutenant governor condemn it, but as the Jefferson County Democratic Party Chairman insisted: “The Jefferson County Democratic Party does not condone the actions of Progress Kentucky and is not affiliated in anyway with the group.”

Still, despite the cover they provided to her, Lundergan Grimes clearly wasn’t willing to condemn the secret recording today. Keep in mind, the bugging is being investigated by the FBI as a federal crime. Seems like an easy thing to denounce to me. And yet she refuses.

And that might be telling — not just about her — but also about how important Progress Kentucky really is (or was) to the liberal cause of ousting Mitch McConnell. Keep in mind, taking out a Senate Minority Leader isn’t just about winning a senate seat (as prized as that is), it’s also about claiming a scalp. It’s about sending a message. It’s about psychological warfare.

As BuzzFeed recently noted, Reilly previously tweeted this picture of him with Lundergan Grimes.

Again, what is interesting here is that Democrats and the media have portrayed Shawn Reilly as an incompetent nobody, and yet, he was invited to a White House meeting and attended the DNC convention as a delegate. And, of course, he appears friendly with the candidate Bill Clinton reportedly wanted to take on McConnell.

And now, the woman most Democrats are rooting will run against McConnell, has refused to distance herself from the alleged bugger.

Doesn’t seem like he’s such a nobody to me.