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Biden hates knockoffs

I’m sure that Vice President Joseph Robinette Biden has plenty of normal, sane reactions to all sorts of stuff. It just never seems to happen when he gets within yammering distance of a microphone.

The Hill:

Vice President Biden on Wednesday railed against the “twisted, perverted, knock-off jihadists” alleged to have planted the bombs that killed three and injured hundreds at the Boston Marathon last week…

As opposed to actual twisted, perverted jihadists. These guys are knock-offs because… um… Well, you’ll have to ask Uncle Choo-Choo.

Biden called the terrorists “craven, misguided, perverted apostles” that misunderstood the Islamic faith. He said they hated the U.S. for “our open society, our system of justice that guarantees freedom, and the access of every American to opportunity.”

“It infuriates them,” Biden said.

Which sounds suspiciously like what a lot of people said in the days and weeks after 9/11. But back then, such talk was “racist” and “bigoted,” because the President of the United States was a Republican.

“On every frontier, terrorism as a weapon is losing, it is not gaining adherence,” he said. “What galls them the most is that America does remain that shining city on the hill. We’re a symbol of the hopes and dreams of the very aspirations of people around the world.”

These two creeps killed people, maimed many more people, and were stopped in the act of rampaging around Boston, trying to add to their body count. And the New York Times and its ilk want us to feel sorry for the killers.

I really want to believe you’re right, Sheriff Joe. I really want to believe that terrorism is losing its allure. But then I look at people like Amanda Palmer, and the “Free Jahar” freaks, and the NYT and “Think” “Progress” and Time magazine and all the rest. I look at all the people who will make any excuse for these murderers, no matter how ridiculous.

That’s your voter base, Joe Biden.

By the way, tell your boss: “A New Beginning” wasn’t. It was just another narcissist giving just another empty speech and accomplishing nothing.

Absolutely nothing.

P.S. Another super-smart guy whose paycheck comes out of your taxes, and who therefore is better than you, has chimed in. John Kerry: Boston Bomber Radicalized in Russia, Chechnya–‘Came Back With a Willingness to Kill.’ Well, no $#!+, Sherwood Forest-face.