Reese Witherspoon was too drunk to hold her head up for mugshot [PHOTO]

Taylor Bigler | Entertainment Editor

Reese Witherspoon was so drunk the morning of her “Do you know my name?” arrest that she had some difficulty holding her head up to have her mugshot taken.

According to an Atlanta Department of Corrections worker who was at the police station last Friday when Witherspoon and husband Jim Toth were brought in for, respectively, disorderly conduct and driving under the influence, the actress “was wobbly.”

The Oscar-winning actress has said that she is “deeply embarrassed” about trying to use her celebrity status to manipulate the legal system, but say this for Witherspoon: She seems like she would be kind of fun to hang out with. (Toth, on the other hand, has no excuse for driving drunk; the two are clearly wealthy enough to hire a driver.)

The unnamed Department of Corrections source told People that “[Witherspoon] didn’t need help walking, but she wasn’t at a point where we could get a really clear picture.”

Apparently, multiple photos were taken and this was the best shot.

“On another picture, she sort of bent down at the waist and we got the top of her head,” the source said. “She wasn’t being difficult or rude, but her motor skills weren’t what they needed to be.” In a tribute to either the jailhouse photographer’s skill or the preservative powers of alcohol, Witherspoon still looks fantastic in her mug shot.

After the news of her arrest broke Sunday, Witherspoon issued an apology, saying that she “clearly had one drink too many.” Who hasn’t?

Witherspoon canceled all of her scheduled TV interviews this week. She was scheduled on several talk shows to promote her latest movie, “Mud.”

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