Shaq’s top bloopers of the NBA season [VIDEO]

Stuart Dezenhall Contributor
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The latest installment of TNT’s Shaqtin’ a Fool broke down the five most boneheaded plays of the NBA regular season.

The five plays include a random behind-the-back pass to the wrong team, getting a turnover due to excessive shoe tying, running an in-bounds play without anyone to inbound the ball, and, of course, the clown of the NBA himself – JaVale McGee.

Apart from the hilarity of the plays themselves, the commentary is what makes this video pure gold. Lowlight highlights include Kenny Smith blaming Thunder center Kendrick Perkins’ bad play on being a “Texas boy” and Charles Barkley chiming in with “Hey, that’s funny, man,” seemingly after every clip.

Nuggets coach George Karl’s head-drop, after watching McGee go completely out of control for the hundredth time of the season, sums up the video very, very well.

Oddly enough, four of the five culprits in this quintet of ineptitude made the playoffs.


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