Closed captioning company is sorry it called Zooey Deschanel a terrorist

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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The closed captioning company that called Zooey Deschanel a terrorist is really sorry about that.

If you were watching last Friday’s coverage of the manhunt for Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on the Fox affiliate in Dallas and had the TV on mute, you may have noticed that the closed captioning identified the suspect as “19-year-old Zooey Deschanel.”

The adorkably annoying “New Girl” actress was tipped off to this and tweeted the screenshot of the mistake along with the caption, “Whoa! Epic closed captioning FAIL!”

President of TV Captions Solutions captioning service Kala J. Patterson said the company and the captioner responsible “deeply regret” the mistake and “sincerely apologize for this error,” the Washington Post reports.

In all fairness to the captioner, the two names both have a confusing mishmash of Z’s, D’s, vowels and multiple syllables.

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