Poll: Two-thirds of Republicans support immigration reform bill

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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A new national survey conducted by the Winston Group shows a majority of Republicans support the immigration reform bill.

The survey was commissioned by Americans for Tax Reform (ATR), the National Immigration Forum Action Fund and the Partnership for a New American Economy.

Worth noting is that, “even after hearing opposition arguments, support for reform remains,” said pollster Kirsten Soltis Anderson on a conference call this morning.

Following are some findings highlighted by the press release:

– 82 percent of Republicans say the current immigration system is working poorly, with 47 percent saying it works “very poorly.” And 72 percent of Republicans say our immigration system requires “a lot of changes” or “a complete overhaul,” compared to 68 percent of voters in general.


– 74 percent of Republicans“strongly support” the bill’s border security aspects.


 85 percent of Republicans either “strongly support” or “somewhat support” the requirement that “illegal immigrants in the U.S. register for legal status, pay fines, learn English, pay taxes, and wait in the back of the line to apply for citizenship, until everyone who is currently in line to legally enter the U.S. gets in.”


– 62 percent of Republicans support “tying the amount of legal immigration to the state of the economy to attract more immigrant entrepreneurs and innovators, increasing the number of visas when employers cannot fill jobs and decreasing the number of visas when unemployment is high.”

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Matt K. Lewis