New Mexico man charged in bizarre church attack [VIDEO]

Sarah Hofmann Contributor
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A suspect has been officially charged in the strange stabbing rampage that took place at a Catholic church in Albuquerque, New Mexico Sunday. Authorities have charged Lawrence Capener, 24, with multiple counts of aggravated battery, reports the AP.

It is still not known what sparked Capener to enter St. Jude Thaddeus Catholic Church around 11am on Sunday and begin stabbing worshippers. According to witnesses, as they began singing the closing hymn, Capener vaulted over pews and began slashing at the choir.

Flutist Gerald Madrid tried to stop Capener before getting stabbed himself. “I bear-hugged him. We were chest on chest. I was wrapping about to take him down to ground, but I didn’t have his arms. I had just my arms around his chest, so his arms were free. So that’s when he started stabbing me,” he said.

Rev. John C. Daniel said Capener was not a church regular, although he had seen him in church before. There have been no further announcements on when a trial is expected or potential motive for the attack.


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