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ABC’s Jonathan Karl hurts Obama’s feelings

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Our Dear Leader has withstood his share of slings and arrows — more than his share! — but this one may be the most hurtful of all.

Jonathan Karl: Mr. President, you are 100 days into your second term. On the gun bill, you put, it seems, everything into it to try to get it passed. Obviously, it didn’t. Congress has ignored your efforts to try to get them to undo these sequester cuts. There was even a bill that you threatened to veto that got 92 Democrats in the House voting Yes. So, my question to you is: Do you still have the juice to get the rest of your agenda through this Congress?

President Barack Obama: Why, if you put it that way, Jon… Maybe I should just pack up and go home. Golly.

“If you put it that way,” meaning, “If you lay out the easily observable facts, plainly and clearly.”

And you should not do that, Jonathan Karl. It hurts Barry’s feelings. Sure, he’ll keep a stiff upper lip, make a little joke to ease the tension. But he’s really hurting inside, and it’s not fair to remind him how abjectly he’s failed.

I demand that ABC News fire Jonathan Karl for his unprofessional behavior. He’s there to help the Democrat in the White House, not ask him questions he doesn’t want to answer. OfA needs to issue an Action Alert on this immediately! Immediately, immediately! Harrumph, harrumph!

(Hat tip: Daniel Halper)

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Jim Treacher