Kyrie Irving owns a pickup game [VIDEO]

Stuart Dezenhall Contributor
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Cleveland Cavaliers guard Kyrie Irving is not in the NBA playoffs, but that didn’t stop him from playing a little ball.

Since he couldn’t find any NBA players to play with, he stopped by the Montclair State University gym in his home state of New Jersey and proceeded to embarrass all competition.

Irving basically just hung around the three-point line and drained threes all afternoon before he put on a solo dunk contest.

Give the pickup players some credit here. They forced Irving into taking a ton of long jumpers (that he made) rather than allowing him to cross them over and get to the rim.

We’ve seen NBA players try and fail to contain Irving on the court, so holding him to taking long three pointers is a job well done by college kids that, at best, might have been Montclair State players that went 8-17 this season in something called the New Jersey Athletic Conference in Division III.

Props to those guarding Irving and props to Irving for putting on an impromptu show without his Uncle Drew getup.


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