New Zealand says you can’t name your baby Lucifer or Anal

Sarah Hofmann Contributor
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New Zealand’s Internal Affairs Department has released a list of 77 baby names that they did not approve in the past 12 years.

Kiwi parents have to run their proposed baby names by the government before they can become official, CNN reports.

For most of the population, this is not an issue, but for some free spirits or perhaps just crazy people, this proves difficult. Not one, but six babies were requested to be named Lucifer. Justice was the most popular name New Zealand won’t allow, with 62 requests denied.

Generic royal names were also popular, though banned. “King” was requested 31 times, “Princess” 28, “Prince” 27, “Royal” 25, “Duke” 10, “Majesty” 7, “Knight” 4 and “Lady” 3.

Some of the requests were unique enough to only come up once in over a decade. You can only imagine the type of parents that want to name their child “5th,” “V8,” Queen Victoria,” “Anal” or “Mafia No Fear.”

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