Now you can buy a wallet made out of whale foreskin [PHOTO]

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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Sometimes, designers do bizarre things in the name of Fashion.

First, Alexander McQueen designed the “lobster claw” heels that were as ugly as they were painful.

Now, an Australian menswear designer based in Iceland has created a wallet made out of minke whale foreskin, because Fashion.

Sruli Recht’s avant garde men’s accessory “is a single piece leather wallet, laser cut from Minke Dork skin, folded into shape and hand tethered with black oxidized rivets,” according to the product description.

Dork Whalet

Because no two whale foreskins are alike, “As with a fingerprint, each Minke Dork has a unique hue, pattern and texture, ranging from a smooth sheen to a coarse cracked hide. Upon ordering, a series of images of each available finish will be presented for selection.”

The minke dork wallet comes at a whopping €1,850 — or $2,440.

Minke whales are relatively small and are commonly seen in Atlantic waters around eastern Canada, Scotland and Iceland. The more you know!

Recht has conjured up a number of bizarre accessories and clothing items for his collection.

During Paris fashion week this past January, Recht unveiled the “Forget Me Knot” ring, which is made out of 24-karat gold and the salted and tanned skin of his own abdomen. He underwent a plastic surgery procedure, which he of course videotaped for Fashion’s sake, and had a 4.3 inch piece of flesh cut off his stomach in order to make a ring that no one will ever buy.

For his 2011 debut into the Fashion world, Recht made his first collection out of 21 blackbirds and 27 stillborn lambs.

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