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Larson on the UN’s Agenda 21 and ‘reclaiming the Earth from humanity’ [VIDEO]

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In the fifth part of his exclusive interview with the Daily Caller, talk radio host Lars Larson discussed the issues of government overreach on a local level and how it actually impacts the lives of people.

Larson is a resident of the Pacific Northwest, where logging has always been a vital part of the local economy. He criticized the implementation of Agenda 21 — the non-binding action plan put together by the United Nations regarding sustainable development.

“Local governments in the Pacific Northwest where I live will say. ‘We need to buy these lands and preserve them.’ In many cases they are telling the public ‘We need hundreds of millions of dollars … to buy land, that is then going to be maintained at your expense, and owned by you, but you won’t be allowed on it, not even to take a walk with your dog or to look at the birds.’ It is literally denied to people. Because ‘we need to follow the UN’s agenda for reclaiming the Earth from humanity.'”

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