Wichita State baseball player catches a squirrel in his helmet [VIDEO]

Stuart Dezenhall Contributor
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Animal interruptions happen every so often in baseball. A bird will be hanging out in the outfield or getting blown up by a Randy Johnson fastball. A small rodent will prance around the field before being shooed away.

A squirrel was the on-field culprit during a Kansas-Wichita State game this week, but was masterfully ushered off the field via helmet by a Wichita State base-runner and his handy dandy head protector.

Several other players actually went over to try to capture the squirrel.

Since when is it normal procedure to try to catch wild animals with gloves, hats and helmets?

One would figure that the players could just guide the squirrel toward a convenient exit rather than risk rabies by catching it with minimal protection.


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