‘Cheesy Garlic Bread’ is the best flavor of potato chip, according to America

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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In the battle between cheesy garlic bread, Sriracha, and chicken-and-waffle-flavored chips, only one would become the victor.

Citizens of our great nation voted for “Cheesy Garlic Bread” to become newest flavor of Lay’s after the months-long “Do Us a Flavor” contest.

Instead of purchasing some cheese, sprinkling it on a baguette then putting it in the oven for a few minutes, Americans can now just go to the snack aisle and grab a bag of Lay’s potato chips.

Voters were given the choice between Sriracha, cheesy garlic bread and chicken and waffle flavored chips — all flavors that were suggested by your fellow Americans. These three flavors made it to the penultimate round and were all available at grocery stores over the past few months.

Cheesy garlic bread, however, beat out the other two flavors for the win. According to the Lay’s Facebook page, “It was close, but in the end you decided to save Cheesy Garlic Bread. Which means this flavor will continue to be available on chip aisles across America.”

Karen Weber-Wendham of Land O’Lakes, Wisc. is now $1 million richer for coming up with the cheesy garlic bread potato chip flavor, an idea that stoners around the country probably thought of years ago.

Weber-Wendham will either receive $1 million or 1 percent of the chips’ 2013 net sales, whichever amount is higher.

The Lay’s contest is going on all over the world, with flavors like Walkie Talkie Chicken, Chilli & Chocolate, Late Night Kebob and Cajun Squirrel, according to

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