Dick Morris attacks Rush Limbaugh on immigration: ‘Stop losing the elections for us’ [VIDEO]

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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Political consultant Dick Morris isn’t impressed with the efforts by some on the right, particularly talk show host Rush Limbaugh, to block immigration reform from proceeding in the U.S. Senate.

Morris opened the video by declaring he is tired of losing elections, then explained that voters were motivated by identity politics in the last presidential election.

“This identity politics has reached a point where voters make up their minds simply based on who they are,” Morris said. “It’s not an election when they look through the window at the candidate. They look at the mirror at themselves. To stop this, to deal with this, we have got to remove these identity politics obstacles that stop the Republican Party from winning. And the big one we have to focus on now is immigration, the Latino vote.”

Morris argued that the best way for the GOP to gain ground in winning over the Latino vote is to go along with the current Senate immigration proposal.

“Now, listen, does anybody have a better idea?” he continued. “Is there any way we’re going to deport 12 million people from the United States? What are we, going to send the Gestapo around? Is there anybody who has another way of dealing with this problem? The solution that’s being proposed in Congress is not only a good solution, it is the only solution.”

Morris specifically criticized Limbaugh for standing in the way of the bill.

“So when I listen to people like Limbaugh attacking the immigration bill, number one I say, what is your alternative?” Morris said. “And number two, stop losing the elections for us. Stop insisting on some objective standard of purity. Focus on what’s practical and focus on the changes taking place in the country and deal with them.”

(h/t Media Matters)

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