Harry Reid, Ted Cruz trade jabs on the Senate floor: ‘Schoolyard bully’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid attacked Sen. Ted Cruz Monday for opposing Reid’s efforts to appoint members to a House-Senate conference to resolve differences in the two chambers’ budget resolution.

Over the past two days, Cruz, a Texas Republican, has been in the crosshairs of some Democrats for his demeanor and positions on issues. On Sunday, former Democratic New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson questioned Cruz’s Hispanic background as a politician.

But Reid went after Cruz from the Senate floor.

“My friend from Texas, like the schoolyard bully, he pushes everybody around and is losing,” Reid said. “And instead of playing the game according to the rules, he not only takes the ball home with him but changes the rules. That way no one wins except the bully who tries who indicate to people he has won. We’re asking the Republicans to play by the rules and let us go to conference. I don’t think it takes a lot of wizardry to figure out that we know how the American people feel about what they want done with this country. They want us to get on a pathway of growth and economic vitality that has been hindered.”

But immediately upon hearing Reid’s remarks, Cruz stepped up and took on the Senate Majority Leader.

“I wasn’t aware we are in the schoolyard,” Cruz replied.

Reid pushed back on procedural grounds at Cruz, telling him he could either object or not, to which Cruz eventually objected to Reid’s measure.

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