Matt Kemp is a flat-out good guy [VIDEO]

Stuart Dezenhall Contributor
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The Los Angeles Dodgers are sinking and their star center fielder, Matt Kemp, is underachieving. On the baseball field, that is.

After last night’s loss, the Dodgers’ fifth in a row, Kemp left all of his struggles out on the diamond, Kemp approached a fan in the front row, shook some hands, and signed a baseball.

Then he gave the fan his hat…then his jersey…then his shoes.

A nearby fan caught the exchange on video and in the description on YouTube, noted that the fan was “fighting a tough battle.”

Whatever battle the fan may be fighting, some unexpected kindness and appreciation from a sports icon is a mighty big pick-me-up.

With legendarily Nicest-Guy-In-The-League slugger Jim Thome out of baseball, Kemp just made a strong push to claim the title.


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