Guilty verdict in salacious Jodi Arias murder trial

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After 15 hours of deliberation, the jury in the murder case of Travis Alexander has found former girlfriend Jodi Arias guilty of first degree murder. Alexander was stabbed repeatedly and shot in 2008, reports the AP.

Arias changed her story multiple times after the murder, at first saying masked intruders committed the gruesome act, then two years later claiming self-defense. The jury ruled that she most likely acted out of jealousy after Alexander rejected her in favor of other women. With this verdict, there will now be another trial to determine if the act was especially cruel, heinous, or depraved in order to determine the punishment. If it is ruled cruel, heinous or depraved, Arias could face the death penalty.

Alexander was stabbed 30 times as well as being shot and having his throat slit. Arias claimed that he had attacked her after a day of sex and that she remembers defending herself, but has no memory of stabbing him. She did admit to trying to clean the murder scene and leaving his body for five days until friends discovered him.

This trial has captured national attention due to the odd and intensely sexual nature of the relationship between Arias and Alexander. Alexander was a devout Mormon and baptized Arias as a Mormon before they were officially dating, reports CNN. Arias claims the baptism was followed the same day with anal sex. They only dated for about six months, however. Arias testified that Alexander was physically, emotionally and sexual abusive and controlling towards her.

The trial has been rife with explicit photographs and stories of the sexual relationship, as well as testimony that Arias stalked Alexander and could not accept his dating other women.

The trial began in January 2013.


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