My first rifle, ctd

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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My post last week on “My first rifle” aroused a lot of debate and discussion. Even some of my friends (0r maybe former friends?) were divided on it.

HotAir’s Jazz Shaw called it “a very personal editorial” adding, “It’s something which I find very inspirational.”

Meanwhile, the Atlantic’s Garance Franke-Ruta thought she smelled sexism, writing that my criticism of effete journalists, “meant that they are like women. That they are weak. Inferior. Because women are weak and inferior; they are vulnerable where men are impenetrable.”

So — depending on whom you ask — I’m either damn near a folk hero, or a closet misogynist. It’s a fine line.

The columns written in response were interesting enough, but not as interesting as the many emails and Tweets I received (and continue to receive.)

Here’s one from today that is pretty representative of a theme that has emerged in some quarters:

Don’t guess you’ve spent much time in newsrooms if you think most reporters are effete or pussies (real men don’t use asterisks). Or maybe you’ve spent your life covering wars, natural disasters, shootings, bombings, riots. Don’t know you (I was a columnist for the Baltimore Sun when you were learning to walk the mean streets of Hagerstown) but I’m guessing most reporters I’ve worked with could kick your ass blindfolded.

Mike Littwin

He makes a good point. There is no doubt that some reporters put their lives on the line to get the story. It’s hard not to respect that.

Still, I suspect the real reason Mike Littwin doesn’t like me is simply because I use a middle initial.

Matt K. Lewis