Robin Williams jabs at Kim Kardashian, says he ‘wore it better’ [PHOTO]

E.J. Fores Contributor
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While celebrity aficionados fawned over Kim Kardashian’s “debut” at the Met Gala Monday night, humanitarians were more concerned about the drapery she seemed to be engulfed in. (Was she inspired by the Von Trapp family?)

Comedian Robin Williams felt personally victimized by the pregnant Kardashian’s ensamble, an outfit that was clearly inspired by something he wore in his beloved ’90s film “Mrs. Doubtfire.”

“I think I wore it better!” Williams tweeted Tuesday afternoon.

Robin William's tweet

Whether or not Ms. Kardashian meant for her outfit to be a Mrs. Doubtfire tribute is unknown.

Still, the Givinchy dress, complete with attached matching gloves, drew criticism from around the web.

TMZ declared that she looked “sofa king good” and put up a side by side of her and a floral print sofa.

Not a good wardrobe choice from the lady who has been complaining about how mean people have been during her pregnancy.

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