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Crane: ‘No such thing as a background check on a foreign national’ [VIDEO]

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In part four of his exclusive interview with The Daily Caller, National ICE Council President Chris Crane criticized the immigration bill put together by the “Gang of Eight” senators for its reliance on checking the status of immigrants through biographical rather than biometric data.

“We already know, we already have people, illegal aliens who are already circumventing that type of system right now.”

Crane also weighs in on the terrorist attack in Boston that killed three people at the conclusion of the Boston Marathon. The attack that was carried out by two individuals who had not only immigrated to the United States but been naturalized as well. He points out that there is a finite amount of checking that can be performed on an individual entering the United States. Any system will be hamstrung by the lack of much information held in most countries.  “There is no such thing as background check on a foreign national,” says Crane.

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