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Not All Egyptians stab American outside U.S. embassy in Cairo

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Just one. Which is weird, because a United States embassy is the safest place you can be.


Associated Press:

An assailant stabbed an American man on Thursday while they were standing outside the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, security officials said.

The area around the U.S. Embassy has been the site of anti-American incidents and violence in the past, but stabbing attacks are uncommon despite political unrest that has roiled Egypt since the 2011 uprising.

Embassy spokesman David Ranz confirmed that a U.S. citizen was stabbed near the embassy, and said he was immediately rushed to the hospital. His condition was not known…

The attacker was arrested and questioned by police, according to the security official.

I wonder why he did it? Probably because of a YouTube video or something.

On second thought, we shouldn’t talk about this anymore. It happened a long time ago. Lots of people get stabbed, it’s part of life. You just hate Obama. You just don’t want Hillary to take her rightful place in the Oval Office. Shut up. Shut up!

Shut. Up.