George Will: Jay Carney’s ‘usefulness to this administration is diminishing rapidly’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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George Will took another jab at White House press secretary Jay Carney Sunday on ABC’s “This Week with George Stephanopoulos.”

“A week ago Mr. Carney — whose usefulness to this administration is diminishing rapidly — a week ago he said Benghazi was a long time ago as though it was the Punic Wars,” Will said, speaking of Carney’s handling of the Benghazi scandal.

Will’s attack on Carney was not his first.

Back in March, the Washington Post columnist let it be known he had very low regard for Carney during an interview on Laura Ingraham’s radio show.

A few days later, Carney reacted to Will’s remarks at the White House press briefing, reminding reporters of Will’s missed 321-217 Romney presidential election landslide prediction.

After sniping at Carney on Sunday, Will went on to lay out what is known about the Benghazi attack and how he believes the Obama administration has misled the public on it.

“This is a very live issue because we now know three things. We know that Mr. [Gregory] Hicks, the night of the attack speaking from Libya, said pretty much what it was: an armed insurrection, not a movie review conducted with rocket-propelled grenades and mortars,” Will said.

“Five days later on this program and on four other Sunday morning programs, the idea of an exceptionally boisterous movie review was still the administration’s position.”

“And then 14 days after the attack, at the U.N., it was the same thing,” Will continued.

“We started out with three arguments. Was security lax in Benghazi? Demonstrably. Could forces have been got there to rescue them? Doubtful. Has the nation been systemically misled? Certainly. Now, we need a select committee in Congress because the State Department’s misnamed accountability review board neglected to interview even the secretary of state.”

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