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Finally, the rest of the world catches up

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Dear MSM,

You’ll have to excuse me if I don’t fall all over myself congratulating you for finally doing your jobs. Assuming you don’t find a way to help Obama weasel his way out of trouble again — Go, Media Matters! Go, JournoList 2.0! — it’s a little too late. The damage of this administration has been done. And he got away with it because you helped him. You covered for him.

Most pathetically, some of you are only turning on him now because he’s been exposed going after the Associated Press. Going after the good guys: you. Gasp! Hell hath no fury like a groupie scorned. Well, what did you expect? You let the guy walk all over you for four years, and then you flushed what’s left of your credibility down the toilet to get him reelected, despite all his failures. You think he ever respected you?

We told you this guy was a disaster waiting to happen. You didn’t listen. He said the things you wanted to hear, he promised everybody free candy for life, and you slobbered all over him like a bunch of idiots. Now we’re going to laugh at you while you get all indignant at him. While you pretend that only now has he gone too far.

You ruined your entire industry for this guy, MSM. Serves you right.

Update: Remember the local St. Louis TV reporter who asked Obama a few tough questions last year? Guess what?