Dennis Miller: ‘A few more days like this — Obama’s going to claim he was born in Kenya’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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On his Tuesday radio program, comedian Dennis Miller said that while President Obama is taking a lot of heat for the recent spate of scandals, the Department of Justice’s wiretapping of reporters is the only story that will keep the media’s attention.

To back up his theory, Miller pointed to former Watergate Washington Post reporter Carl Bernstein’s nonchalant reaction on Monday to the IRS-tea party targeted audit allegations, and his reaction 24 hours later to the DOJ’s monitoring of the Associated Press’ phone records.

“Listen, a few more days like this — Obama’s going to claim he was born in Kenya just to get the heat off,” Miller said. “Listen, nothing is going to happen. Show’s over folks. But the one thing that might stick is the — Bernstein, you’ve seen Bernstein. He’s like Seinfeld’s bit about the crocodile or alligator that lays in the exhibit in the zoo and it says ‘extremely dangerous,’ but he got a buffalo head nickel on his snout from 1904 and a lit cigarette and he’s not moving. That’s Bernstein.”

Miller said he suspected the AP angle will be the only thing that motivates the press to investigate the Obama administration because, unlike the other scandals, it impacts them personally.

“But when you tap an AP reporter’s phone line and find out how much they’re not getting laid, that’ll get the press P.O.’d. The rest of this is all smoke and mirrors. They don’t care about Benghazi. They don’t care about the IRS. They’ll feign a little indignation, but nobody’s going to go after this guy on that. To think he was tapping reporter’s phones — what a perfect symbiosis that they’re such ass-kissers and he’s someone who really just looks them in the eye and says ‘kiss my ass.’ It is beautiful, it is beautiful that they met each other on this planet.”

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