Jimmy Kimmel gives Jarron Collins ‘I’m the straight one’ T-shirt

Stuart Dezenhall Contributor
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Late night talk-show host Jimmy Kimmel interviewed the NBA’s Collins twins last night to have a lighthearted talk about Jason Collins’ recent announcement that he was gay.

The interview with the two seven-footers poked fun at Jason’s potentially awkward NBA future, the red flags that Jarron had missed along the way and the coming out discussion that took place between twins.

The two told stories about how confused Jarron was during the coming out talk as well as Jason’s initial reservations about telling his brother.

The interview ended with Kimmel providing Jarron with a t-shirt that read “I’m the straight one,” much to the appreciation of the less controversial brother.

Jarron had noted earlier in the program that at least one person had come up to him asking if he was Jason, or “the gay one.”

Now there will be a massive seven-foot billboard walking around the United States, letting us all know he is the straight Collins brother.

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