Millersville University baseball team saves a baby’s life

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Seven members of the Millersville University baseball team were heading for some fourth-meal action a few nights ago when by a crazy stroke of fate they helped save a baby boy’s life.

While walking in Johnstown, Pa., a car pulled into a driveway in front of the teammates. A man got out of the car screaming and holding his one-year-old son that appeared lifeless, Lancaster Online reports.

The seven teammates helped calm the parents, check the child’s pulse, called 911 and went through the CPR checklist, moving the child’s tongue to make sure he did not have a throat blockage, elevating his head and checking for his pulse.

The child suddenly opened his eyes and held onto one of the players’ fingers. As his grip on the finger tightened, the group knew the kid would be alright.

One of the seven players took off his bracelet and gave it to the child before they went on their way.

The parents used the bracelet and the powers of Facebook to track down the identity of the seven heroes and showed up at their baseball tournament. The family was warmly greeted by the players once they noticed the family in the stands.

The Millersville coach was initially confused when the players started posing for pictures with their new fans, since it turns out the players hadn’t even mentioned the incident.

Pretty cool story of some pretty humble heroes.

Read a local write-up on the story here.

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