Top 5: Best videos of the Toilet Run at Preakness [VIDEO]

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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Each year, dozens of bright individuals attend the Preakness Stakes horse race in Baltimore, Md. and decide to run across the top of a row of Porta Potties as onlookers throw beer cans at them.

The annual so-called “Toilet Run” — which is exactly what it sounds like — is nearly as important as the race itself, and is definitely more entertaining. Is running across portable toilets while getting beer cans (and sometimes bottles, if someone is a real jerk) just about the dumbest thing you’ve ever heard of? Yes.

At the same time, if people are doing this to themselves, don’t they kind of deserve to fall off a six-foot-tall structure and have the world laugh at them? The answer is also yes.

In honor of the 2013 Preakness this weekend, here are the five best videos of people attempting the Toilet Run. Do NOT try this at home.

WATCH (We HIGHLY suggest that you mute all of these videos so you don’t have to listen to drunk people yelling):

5. Here is an introductory montage of Porta Potty racers for the uninitiated.

4. It’s a race to the finish, and in one guy’s case, a broken ankle.

3. This guy gets hit square in the face with a beer can.

2. Close! But no cigar. This kid almost makes it to the end, but bites the dust instead.

 1. This you have to see to believe.

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