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Gowdy: Benghazi not Paul Ryan’s fault [VIDEO]

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South Carolina Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy has a prosecutorial demeanor, which is focused on the emerging Obama administration scandals.

Gowdy’s experience of prosecuting an “America’s Most Wanted” suspect before coming to Congress makes him a valuable truth-seeker in the House of Representatives. Now, as a member of the oversight and judiciary committees, he has a front-row seat to ask questions of critical witnesses, as he did in the most recent Benghazi hearing.

Some Democrats blame inadequate congressional funding for diplomatic security for last year’s terrorist attack against America’s consulate in Benghazi, but Gowdy says that’s just not so.

“You had money for condom demonstrations, you had money for culinary diplomacy, you had money to buy electric vehicles in Germany, but you didn’t have the money to upgrade the security specifications in Benghazi?” Gowdy asked. “Their budget has gone up exponentially since the Republicans took over.”

“I know that it is popular and trendy to blame [House Budget Chairman] Paul Ryan for everything. Regrettably, the facts just don’t support it with respect to Benghazi,” he continued.

Answering then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s question of “what difference does it make” at this point regarding the origin of the attack, Gowdy pointed to three reasons.

“It always matters whether or not you can trust your government,” he said.

Secondly, “it most assuredly matters to the family and friends of the four deceased,” Gowdy went on.

And lastly, “the media does have an oversight role, they’re supposed to, but Congress also has an oversight role,” he said.

Gowdy also said he finds the reasoning for not sending assistance to the attacked diplomats in Benghazi suspicious.

“When you don’t know when something’s going to end, it’s kinda tough to say you didn’t have time to get there,” he said.

In a previous segment of the interview, Gowdy said the American people should be “offended” by the Obama administration’s scandals.

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