Boyfriend escapes out window as husband confronts cheating wife [VIDEO]

Eva Cover Contributor
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As part of perhaps the most spectacular walk-of-shame ever, an underwear-clad lover escaped from a third floor bedroom window, as the returning husband confronted his cheating wife on the balcony.

The Daily Mail reports that a crowd lined a Brazilian street as woman’s angry lover struggled down an impromptu rope made of white T-shirts.

In the video, the man exits the window butt first, wearing only a pair of white underwear  as the husband continues to confront his wife on the third floor balcony. While he makes his precarious descent down the side of the brick building, onlookers film the spectacle on iPhones and other recording devices.

To top the story off, a team of firefighters rush to unload giant mats, designed to soften the impact of landing, from a firetruck parked on the street below the apartment.

Along with the sounds of the arguing couple and constant car horns, men and women can be heard jeering and calling out “Cornudo,” a Portuguese word for a man being cheated on by his wife. The man angrily shakes his fists at the energetic crowd and the arguing couple above his head.

At the end of his T-shirt rope, the man teeters on a second floor ledge, as onlookers yell and urge him to jump. Fire fighters navigate through the riled up crowd, placing the mats beneath the ledge.

Captivating the attention of the growing crowd, the man jumps from the window, uncontrollably  flailing his bare arms and legs on the way down.

Upon landing on the mat, the man gives a final fist shake towards the couple and another towards the cheering onlookers, before walking out of view.