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Candy Crowley thinks we’ve forgotten how she helped sweep Benghazi under the rug

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I haven’t. Have you?

Neither has Newsbusters.

No, you liars, Obama didn’t call it a terrorist attack the next day. And for weeks afterward, he sent out Susan Rice and Jay Carney and Hillary Clinton to blame it on that stupid YouTube video. He even stood up in front of the United Nations and said:

They tried to blame a terrorist attack on free speech in America. All these scandals have that in common: Obama hates free speech and is willing to do whatever it takes to squelch it. Everything the left falsely accused George Bush of doing to repress dissent, Obama is actually doing.

They lied. Then they lied about the lie. Then lied about that one. Hall of freaking mirrors.

It’s too late to play journalist now, Candy. You’re complicit in the cover-up. He got away with it because of you.

(Hat tip: AoSHQ)