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So are you. So is anybody who displeases this administration.

Alex Pappas reports:

Before the Justice Department was secretly obtaining phone records of Associated Press reporters, the Obama administration was investigating a Fox News journalist.

The Washington Post reported Sunday evening that the federal authorities went to great lengths to investigate how James Rosen, the chief Washington correspondent for Fox News, was able to report on classified intelligence on North Korea in 2009.

According to the Post, the Justice Department went further in investigating Rosen than they did with AP reporters. They obtained his security badge access records at the State Department, looked at records of his calls with a specific State Department adviser and even went through his personal e-mails.

For doing his job. As a reporter, you’re not supposed to do that. You’re supposed to take what the Obama administration gives you, say please and thank you, and pass it along verbatim.

And not just him:

How many more? Where does it end?

Do you think you’re safe, just because you’re on “Obama’s side”? Just ask the Associated Press about that one. Obama doesn’t have a side. Obama is out for Obama. And if you cross him, his cronies will go after you.

This is an outrage. And you’d think so too, if they did it to you.

Assuming they haven’t yet.

Update: Hat tip to Twitchy.

I used to think I was paranoid for wondering if the State Department was punishing me for my publicly stated political opinions by stonewalling me after carelessly crippling me for life. Now it seems all too plausible.


Update: Oh, now it’s personal, is it, Keith Olbermann? Now they’ve gone too far?

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