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There’s no way Obama is telling the truth about when he learned of the IRS scandal

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And yes, I realize that headline is eight words too long.

Peter Nicholas at the WSJ:

The White House’s chief lawyer learned weeks ago that an audit of the Internal Revenue Service likely would show that agency employees inappropriately targeted conservative groups, a senior White House official said Sunday.

That disclosure has prompted a debate over whether the president should have been notified at that time.

In the week of April 22, the Office of the White House Counsel and its head, Kathryn Ruemmler, were told by Treasury Department attorneys that an inspector general’s report was nearing completion, the White House official said. In that conversation, Ms. Ruemmler learned that “a small number of line IRS employees had improperly scrutinized certain…organizations by using words like ‘tea party’ and ‘patriot,’ ” the official said.

Obama knew. He didn’t just “read about it in the newspaper,” or whatever horsecrap he said last week. He knew it was going on, and he was okay with it. Just like he knew Benghazi wasn’t a spontaneous protest triggered by a dumb YouTube video. Just like he knows Eric Holder is a lying thug. It’s his administration, and he’s well aware of the example he’s set.

The only alternative is that he’s utterly, criminally incompetent. Either way, he’s unfit for office.

There are any number of reasons President Barack Obama should be impeached. Just throw this one on top of the pile.

(Hat tip: JWF)

Update: Here are even more lies about Benghazi, if you need more evidence these guys are utterly corrupt.

Update: More IRS corruption. Why aren’t any of these people in jail yet? Just kidding, we all know why. Because this is how things work under a president like Barack Obama.

Update: Don’t worry, IRS. The New York Times has got your back.