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Gee, wonder why the Tea Party is getting a second wind?

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Isn’t it weird that right around the same time the libs started crowing that the Tea Party was over, the IRS started targeting Tea Partiers? I mean, what’s the connection? Why would people be reluctant to express their dissent against the powers that be, just because the IRS was going after them? We may never know.

Looks like those “crazy,” “violent” “teabaggers” are back, for some reason. Boston Herald:

Tea Party groups plan to picket IRS offices in downtown Boston at noon today, as part of a nationwide wave of protests fueled by rage over the harassment of conservative groups — one of several Obamagate scandals that activists say are breathing new life into their movement and swelling their ranks…

Carlos Hernandez of the North Shore Tea Party said, “It doesn’t matter whether you’re a conservative, a Democrat, a Republican or a liberal. … It affects you. It affects everyone. We have been targeted by our government, and that’s a problem. Once they get done with us, they are coming after everybody else.”

The growing controversy over the IRS targeting of Tea Party groups is “like hitting a Tea Party hornet’s nest with a baseball bat,” said Scott Ferson, a Democratic strategist with the Liberty Square Group. “The scandals, the IRS issue, it’s going to agitate the Tea Party population.”

Scandals? What’s he talking about? I don’t see any scandals!

If only our government had paid as much attention to the Tsarnaev brothers as they did to nice old ladies waving little flags. If only our government didn’t meet the dictionary definition of tyranny.

The power to tax is the power to destroy. But they can’t take away your power of speech. Yet. Use it while you still can.

(Hat tip: Glenn Reynolds)

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