Spit-gate? Marlins starter caught on TV spitting on baseball

Stuart Dezenhall Contributor
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It’s a real good thing Alex Sanabia pitches for the Miami Marlins.

He couldn’t have picked a better franchise for being able to get away with public cheating.

Sanabia, after serving up a home run to Phillies outfielder Dominic Brown last night, was shown spitting on a new baseball and lathering it up with his hands.

A short while ago, Boston Red Sox starter Clay Buchholz was caught in a doctoring-the-baseball controversy and was publicly called out by members of the Toronto Blue Jays broadcasting team.

The controversy died out when Buchholz returned to earth after his red-hot start to the season and after issuing an it-was-just-sunscreen-rosin-and-sweat excuse.

No commentators voiced their concern over Sanabia applying some outlawed saliva onto the baseball in last night’s game, but then again, they were playing in Miami, so nobody actually saw him do it.

Seriously, look at the outfield stands during the home run shot.

So, while it is not a full-blown cheating/spitball controversy yet, now that the story has made rounds on the Internet, the MLB will have no choice but to look into it.

An after-the-spit suspension could be looming.

Watch the clip here.

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