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TheDC Morning: Obama’s press fanboys freak out

Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer
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1.) Obama’s press fanboys freak out — The Obama administration has finally gone too far for its admiring press. TheDC’s Jamie Weinstein reports: 

“Many liberal reporters and commentators have dismissed or downplayed the emerging Benghazi and Internal Revenue Service scandals as non-scandals or trifling bureaucratic errors. But reports that the Justice Department has been targeting journalists, first reporters at The Associated Press and now Fox News’ James Rosen, has caused the generally Obama-admiring press to question the purity of their redeemer.”

Read the article to see which liberal pundits and reporters have, at least momentarily, turned on the president.

2.) Teen Screen  The IRS outrage keeps on coming. TheDC’s Patrick Howley reports:

“The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) demanded information about conservative groups’ college-aged interns, prompting outrage from one of the country’s top conservative activist organizations and leading one former intern to wonder whether his family’s pizza parlor would be endangered. The IRS requested, in an audit, the names of the conservative Leadership Institute’s 2008 interns, as well as specific information about their internship work and where the interns were employed in 2012, according to a document request the IRS sent to the Leadership Institute, dated February 14, 2012.”

The IRS scandal continues to astound. So many questions, so far so few answers.

3.) A new victim class — In the midst of the IRS scandal, TheDC’s Will Rahn has found one benefit for conservatives. He opines:

“Conservatives have always belonged to our nation’s least sympathetic group: the unvictimized. The Republican Party is overwhelmingly white, Christian, straight and increasingly Southern. It is, at least in the minds of its critics, the party of the privileged oppressor. It’s here that the unfolding IRS scandal involving the targeting and abuse of conservative groups has one little bit of a silver lining. For the first time in decades, it can now be proven that conservatives are the victims of government-mandated discrimination at the hands of America’s least popular government agency. Say it loud and say it proud, conservatives: We are victims now, and damn does it feel good!”

Next up: Time to plan a parade.

4.) Verify, then trust — Jay Carney’s comments on the IRS scandal don’t mesh with what tea party groups are saying, TheDC’s Neil Munro reports:

“White House spokesman Jay Carney claimed Monday that the Internal Revenue Service targeting of conservative groups ended in May 2012, even though many groups say the harassment continues. Carney threw out the claim during a contentious May 20 press conference, where he served as a punching bag for reporters unhappy about the administration’s investigations into reporters, and its targeting of conservative citizens’ political groups. ‘The misconduct had stopped in May of 2012,’ Carney told reporters, while defending the White House’s inaction against the harassment prior to the May 15 release of the report.Carney didn’t provide any evidence for the claim, which is contradicted by many tea party groups.”

5.) Tweet of Yesterday — Jonah Goldberg: This whole “team of rivals” theory has really paid off.

6.) Today in North Korean News — BREAKING: “Int’l Anti-Imperialist Seminar Supports Korean People’s Just Cause”

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