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Yet another reason to hate hipsters, as if you needed one

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I’m only posting this to be ironic. So just relax, man.

MSN Money:

A beer once notorious for being cheap isn’t cheap anymore? Blame the hipsters!

Yes, those tattooed, pierced, plaid-shirted, fixed-gear-bike-ridi​ng, black-rimmed-glasses​-wearing, chicken-raising, (add your own stereotype for this ill-defined brood of people)-ing folks are raising the price of bad beer, making life all the tougher for people on the low end of the bar. At least that’s what the tag team of research firm Restaurant Sciences and the New York Daily News would have you believe.

According to Restaurant Sciences, the price of “sub-premium” beers like PBR has ballooned by 6.8% since October.

PBR is a very drinkable beer, assuming it’s not your first (or fifth) of the morning. Is it even considered ironic to drink it anymore? Or is it now ironic to drink it because you actually like it, or you’re poor, or some other reason that has nothing to do with how other people react to you?

Being a hipster, or whatever hipsters prefer to call themselves this afternoon, must be exhausting.

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Jim Treacher