Laura Ingraham: ‘I’m thinking of moving to Arizona’ to ‘primary challenge Sen. Jeff Flake myself’ [AUDIO]

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On her Wednesday radio show, conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham attacked a number of Republican senators that voted to support the immigration reform bill on Tuesday, saying that she was thinking about moving to Arizona to primary Sen. Jeff Flake, who is up for re-election in 2018.

“Let me tell you — I am thinking of moving to Arizona,” Ingraham said. “You know why? I will primary challenge Sen. Jeff Flake myself, if that’s why this requires. Jeff Flake, living up to his last name, backed down from a previous promise his spokeswoman made to Breitbart. This is just like Marco [Rubio] breaking his promise, basically, that he would consider voting in favor of amendments to the Senate’s immigration bill that would close a loophole of allowing illegal immigrants access to state and local welfare. Jeff Flake voted with the liberals against the Ted Cruz amendment.”

Ingraham emphasized why this was an important issue and also suggested that Sens. John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Orrin Hatch be primaried for their support of this measure as well.

“Should this be grounds to primary challenge every Republican who voted for this bill, and I mean every single one?” she continued. “I don’t care if they just got re-elected. Next time they’re up for re-election. Ann Coulter’s right. This is a single issue — this is a single-issue primary challenge. You know why? Because this is it. As Bill Kristol said on this show, as he said on this show, once you give this pathway to citizenship all these benefits, all this discretion to [Janet] Napolitano, it’s over. It’s too late to complain about it. It’s over.”

“Should these people be primary challenged — Jeff Flake, John McCain, Lindsey Graham and everyone else, Orrin Hatch,” Ingraham continued. “He just snuck in. He snuck in. He came on this show and he promised, ‘Oh I’m not for amnesty. I’m not for amnesty.’ Well of course, Orrin Hatch voted — he voted with the Democrats on this issue.”

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