Mike Trout/Superman hits for the cycle

Stuart Dezenhall Contributor
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Mike Trout just keeps doing it.

First he was a top prospect, then he lit the league on fire during his rookie season, then he finished second in MVP balloting, despite his main competition hitting for the Triple Crown, and now he’s become the youngest player in American League history to hit for the cycle.

We hear there’s a movie about to come out based on his life. It’s called Man of Steel.

In all seriousness, the Angels outfielder had a monster game in last night’s romp over the Seattle Mariners.

His night went as follows: strikeout, infield single, RBI triple, three-run double, solo homer.

Single? Check. Double? Check. Triple? Check. Home run? Check.

We have ourselves the first 2013 cycle!

Trout also added a stolen base and accounted for five RBI’s.

It’s not often that a struggling superstar hits a home run and a triple on his birthday and nobody in the entire world notices, but that’s what happened to Angels slugger Josh Hamilton who was completely shown up by Trout last night.

The Angels will take any win they can get, and a 12-0 rout might be a nice place to start a season turnaround.

Watch the highlights here.

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