‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham teaches teenage girls a very bad lesson

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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“Teen Mom” and “Backdoor Teen Mom” star Farrah Abraham has successfully taught teenage girls everywhere a very bad lesson: If you get pregnant as an unwed teenager, star in a reality show, then a porno, you, too can be super famous!

After following a career path exactly like that, Abraham is getting her own “docu-soap” series that will focus on her life as a single mother who had sex on camera for a lot of money this one time, E! News reports.

Abraham starred in MTV’s “16 and Pregnant” when she was 16 and pregnant, and then the spinoff “Teen Mom” series. She then got busted for driving under the influence, so she decided to revamp her image by filming a porno with a professional porn star that she marketed as a leaked “sex tape.”

Abraham reportedly earned nearly $1 million for the movie, and now she is getting her own reality series.

In the current age of extreme fame whoredom, this is exactly what kids these days DO NOT need to hear.

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