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Michael Savage: ‘What stands between us and what happened in London? Guns, guns, guns’ [AUDIO]

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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In the wake of a pair of terrorists slaying a British soldier in the streets of London, talk show host Michael Savage pointed out Wednesday one key difference between the United States and the United Kingdom: Second Amendment rights.

“Now what stands between us and what happened in London?” Savage asked. “Guns, guns, guns — only guns, only guns. And this very same gang that wants to flood this country with 50 million, 30 million, 20 million, 11 million — you pick the number, pick it out of a hat — illegal aliens, it’s all amnesty for every one of them — also wants to take your guns away — Durbin and the rest of them want to seize your guns.”

But Savage also credited the police in the U.S. and proclaimed they are what stands between the public and the types of individuals that would commit such heinous acts.

“The only thing that stands between us and these animals are the police, the armed police,” he said. “They’re worth every dime of every pension dollar that they get. Yes, they should crack down on the criminals who are rigging the system on their pensions. But I will tell you, the police have to face these animals. They are our wolfhounds. The police are our wolfhounds. And the wolves are roaming the streets of America — axes, knives, guns, dealing drugs to your children, trying to snatch your child off the street as she walks home from school. It’s only the armed police that stands between us and these wolves.”

“You saw what happened in England when they disarmed police, didn’t you?” Savage added. “It took them 20 minutes to show up after a boy was butchered in the streets by two Islamic murderers — two butchers screaming ‘Allah Akbar!'”

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