Orchestra plays symphony on smartphones [VIDEO]

Eva Cover Contributor
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Symphony-goers experienced quite a shock when the prestigious Czech National Symphony Orchestra began playing phones and tablets instead of violins and flutes.

According to an article by Creativity, BNP Paribas’ “Hello Bank!”collaborated with the orchestra in order to promote the bank’s advertisement that it is the first digital mobile bank in Europe.

Some 60 musicians entered the stage as they would for any other performance, dressed in elegant suits and gowns of black fabric. To the shock of the audience, after taking their assigned places, the musicians readied and assembled mobile devices. One man then polishes the surface of two connected phones.

With the help of production company B-Reel, the orchestra used a collection of 227 mobile interfaces linked together over a WiFi network to simulate an orchestra. In behind-the-scenes footage, B-Reel Producer Fred Chak said it took the company less than two weeks to create the complex WiFi system.

While the average person probably won’t be playing their phone in a symphony any time soon, there are several apps on the market that allow people to make music on the go. Maracas!, Drum Kit, Tiny Guitar, More Cowbell!, Virtual Flute, Cello Player, Perfect Piano and many more apps allow people to turn their smartphones and tablets into percussion, wind and string  instruments.